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About | Diallo the store

Founded & established 2005

Diallo the store brings you the latest trends in todays Fashion, inspired from all over the world.We offer hand picked, some of the coolest Streetwear Brands & Designers which gives your wardrobe that different touch but also a vibe of luxury.The items are limited and rare to find in town which makes your Look unique and exclusive.The business alignment and execution flows from a single source.We maintain business relationships personally and successfully.
Fashionevents and trade shows are our passion and are visited several times a year.The direct cooperation with the suppliers and partners guarantees the customers originality, quality and a good price-performance.
The age of online commerce and digital world, we are actively involved in social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.Customer support is more complex than ever and demands a high speed, networked thinking and action.

«The grass does not grow faster if you pull on it»        

Since 2008 as we started the educational training program with the youth.The challenge to training, to the profitability of the company and demands placed on the corporate culture in the retail trade occupation, form a broad and interesting area of tension with special balancing act for all those involved.Identification with the company’s goals and tasks is an advantage for learners, a commitment to the value of the company is predictable.
• Retail Trade Lifestyle EFZ 
the three-year basic education concludes with a federal certificate of proficiency.The graduates and graduates perform a multiple of practical tasks with a majority executive character.They are capable of providing competent advice and sales.It is possible to understand and apply different processes.
• Retail Trade Lifestyle EBA
the two-year basic education concludes with the Federal Professional Certificate EBA as a retailer.It is an independent educational offer aimed at practically gifted learners.This training is geared towards practical training with lower educational requirements.The hands sales counts third.
Support it by consulting with us locally and making a conscious purchase.