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Kappa Kontroll Kappa Kontroll

Kappa Kontroll, created in 1956 almost by chance, reinterprets in a street perspective some of the iconic items from the sports apparel of the early 80s, when Kappa® changed its positioning and became an international sports brand.

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  • Raf Simons

adidas-raf-simons-ozweego-iii-cream-b22537 04706_sneaker_stan_smith_white_vrients_vrnts_raf_simons_x_adidas_ss2018_shop_online_2_1 raf-simons-adidas-collab-modernists-1 Raf Simons

Adidas has teamed up with Raf Simons to offer a wide selection of re-designed classic silhouettes. The collection adds the Belgian designer’s signature style to a range of iconic Adidas models such as the Stan Smith and Ozweego 2. Raf x Adidas is the epitome of high-end design paired with classic sportswear.

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  • Y3
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Y3 Y3

Y-3 is a collaboration label between adidas and Yohji Yamamoto; a Japanese designer known for his avant-garde designs and striking silhouettes. His collaboration with adidas aims to bring Yamamoto’s sartorial aesthetics to the adidas brand by fusing high fashion with advanced sportswear. Y-3 has a popular range of sneakers as well, with its widely acclaimed Qasa silhouette receiving many reiterations.

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Ihnomuhnit Chaz-Jordan Ihnomuhnit Ihnomuhnit


In 2015, IH NOM UH NIT’s premier collection launched in Paris during Fashion Week with a well curated 20-piece range. Under the aegis of its creative director, Chaz Jordan, the luxury label today has become known for its modern nod to European opulence of details with a street sensibility. IH NOM UH NIT’s ethos has always been the juxtaposition of simple clean lines paired with his eye for high grade fabrications and textured. IH NOM UH NIT epitomized effortless couture with an adaptive mind set – the line ranges from exotic furs/skins, fully pearled couture pieces to easy relaxed sweats and graphic tees which has amassed a global cult-like following in 2017. In just four seasons, IH NOM UH NIT has landed a slew of avid celebrity fans alike such as Jay-Z, Jared Leto, James Hardn, Ludacris, Usher, Beyonce, Dakota Johnson, Zendaya among others. The fashion house will also be expanding their offerings to encompass 3 signature shoes and a full accessory range.

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  • Nasaseasons
  • Nasaseaons

nasaseasons-i-came-to-break-hearts-snapback-schwarz Nasaseasons 7163574


NASASEASONS first started in 2014 as a collective which organized underground parties inspired by the 90s New-York nightlife culture. NASASEASONS brought the historically North American concept of “vintage house parties”  to Paris. After only a few months, more than 2 thousand people had experienced the NASASEASONS fever.

In 2015, NASASEASONS co-founder Alexandre Daillance (aka Millinsky) undertook the task of developing the collective’s clothing lines; the frequent “N.A.S.A” parties in Paris, NYC, LA or London set the foundations for the brand’s 21stcentury pan-erotic slogans such as “I Came To Break Hearts”. Millinsky records today’s youth culture by embroidering it on everything from hats to t-shirts. This honest take on Teenagehood soon echoed with streetwear culture around the world. NASASEASONS is now being sold at dozens of prestigious stores in Europe, North America and Asia.

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